How to motivate outsourcing team

Practical tips
HR will confirm that employees, whether full-time or outsourced, are interested and motivated. "I strongly believe that missionaries make better products. They care more. For a missionary, it's not just about the business. There has to be a business, and the business has to make sense, but that's not why you do it. You do it because you have something meaningful that motivates you", said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

Psychology distinguishes two types of work motivation: internal and external. The main internal factors are interesting and useful work, receiving evaluation and feedback, clear understanding of authority, empathy  and attention, and a suitable management style. External factors include payment, recognition of merit and status, benefits and guarantees, and good work conditions. If all a person’s needs are met, then productivity will increase.

In this article we will reveal the most important motivational secrets, tested through personal experience. Globally, they will suit both outsourcing teams and traditional office employees – people's needs are the same. There are a couple of specific life hacks for remote teams. For example, remote employees often feel isolated, which means that the importance of communication and team building in outsourcing is essential . It's also critical to  praise employees in public: according to HubSpot, 69% of employees say they would put more effort into their work if their efforts were  better recognized.

Communication and feedback
The biggest problem in the outsourcing industry is the lack of communication. At the beginning of a  project, be sure to introduce the entire team to video calls, then decide on the frequency and the time of communication that is convenient for everyone. Praise your employees, tell them about your plans, and congratulate them on important events – turn your virtual office into a friendly environment.
It is critically important to understand how employees see the project themselves, so ask for feedback as often as possible. Feedback gives you the opportunity to restructure  your work in time, prevent risks in advance, and most importantly, your employees feel their importance and involvement in a big business. People will  move mountains for this.

Empathy and trust are at the heart of communication
According to the Harvard Business Review, employees in companies with high levels of trust are highly motivated, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer.
Remember, you’ve hired the best team (or specialists) in the world! Provide people with an autonomous  work mode , treat  each employee as an expert.
In personal communication, empathy should be at the heart of communication. Research from the University of Michigan has revealed that a leader who shows compassion towards employees encourages resilience in difficult times. A kind gesture can lift the mood of a colleague for the whole day.

Set clear goals and monitor progress regularly
The lack of clear evaluation criteria is the main reason that  employees do not meet expectations. Therefore, set deadlines, publicly set tasks, visualize progress, and assign responsibility. It is better to have a general document, which will describe the project strategy and the employees leading each direction.
Require  a weekly report and compare it with the planned growth rate.

Publicly recognize merits
Lack of recognition remains one of the most common reasons employees leave. Therefore, spare time to celebrate the most productive people on a weekly basis, send postcards and gifts, and praise people more often.
There is a direct correlation between recognition from the manager and the level of motivation. This tip doesn't cost a dime, but it can increase profits and innovative ideas. 

Treat the outsourcing team like your own 
Once you've hired an outsource team, forget about the differences. Now these are your people, they are doing the project for you. Connect outsourcing to general meetings, share the success of the team, give branded merch and be friendly. The two teams should feel like one tight-knit team.

Respect working time
In a healthy team, there is good employee work-life balance.. In outsourcing, time is often blurred, but it is wrong to think that the team will be available around the clock. Respect other people's work hours and set tasks in advance.
If outsourcing works in a different time zone, choose a convenient time for all meetings. 

Financially encourage employees
This advice applies more to the leaders of the outsourcing team.
Recall that salary and cash bonuses are among the main external factors of motivation. There are several tips. First, working on projects always requires more concentration and expertise than an office routine. Therefore, payment must be competitive and paid on time.
Employees’ overtime should be encouraged fairly (publicly noted in front of the team) and financially. Use a calendar of work hours and remember that in companies with a good reputation and a motivated team, overtime pay is double.
Sometimes a client can award an outsourcing company. Even with a bonus, savings will be significant: outsourcing is always initially 40 percent cheaper  than the inhouse team. Calculate insurance bonuses, salary, office rent, software purchase. In the end, you will get a loyal contractor who will give you future preference and will find a specialist for you even when their workload is overwhelming and you require urgent assistance.

Find your secret
Each team is individual. Therefore, mix general techniques with personal experience, believe in your people and your project, and do not be afraid to take risks !