How We Help the Largest E-commerce in Russia
to Handle More than 10,000 Orders per Day
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Website for the Largest E-commerce Platform
in Russia

Russia's largest e-commerce platform is one of the leaders in the Russian market in the field of retail and b2b equipment sales. Due to active growth and development, the company's employees could no longer cope with the flow of orders using the automation tools which they already had. They needed a new round of service development. To solve this problem, they reached out to us - studio 2UP.
  • To recycle the sales section for B2B
  • To implement automation tools: document flow, issuing closing documents
The main goal for development was to provide an intuitive interface so that the company did not have to spend excessive time and resources retraining employees.
We initially analyzed their current solution for implementation and realized
how we could better integrate new features. We also figured out how to
move from a single application to a modular approach in order to make the
functionality of the tool as simple as possible without using its basis.

The selected module allowed us to operate with a large amount of data
without losing speed while also allowing us to transfer it to a new server

A team of two front-end developers, one back-end, one QA, a project
manager and a Dev-ops specialist worked together on the project.
How We Solved These Tasks
As a result, we created a ready-made solution that fully satisfies the customer's request and has the potential for further development. Since the new solution is modular, it can be developed separately from the main system. This greatly simplifies the task for future development teams.